The Bishop Project is a uniquely compelling and multidimensional episodic series that simultaneously tells the stories of 14-year old Robby set in 2019 and 24-year old Bert, set in 2029. Robby is a typical, carefree teenager living in small town USA when he receives a mysterious package containing a pair of strange glasses that give him the superhuman power to “see into souls”. With that power and the revelation of his lineage in an ancient and tormented bloodline his life changes dramatically when he is forced into the violent life of a reluctant crimefighter. 10 years later as Bert, he’s on the run, suffering from the traumatic events that occurred in his teen years and hellbent on discovering the secrets of his past and exacting revenge on those who harmed him and his family. Told together, the stories of Robby and Bert  present intertwined and uniquely thrilling adventures with shared goals – ultimate survival and extreme revenge.

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