seasonONE // welcome to the world of crime


Season One starts out with a bang. When a group of teenagers obsessed with a wildly popular VR Game find out that one of thei friends, Robby, wins the game and susequently a pair of glasses that allow him the evil in others, they soon find themselves slipping into the dark world of "crime-fighting:... and soon ifind themselves fighting forf their lives.


seasonTHREE //  money, drugs and a loaded gun 


Season Three bring a new, surreal accent to the story. Robby learns more.  More about the glasses, their origins, how they were once lost and found again. More about the creation of the 1960’s comic book and it's play in raising awarness of the glasses again. And more about the danger he and the gang are in... stopping Compton and his desperate attempt to build his empire. Facing the arrival of the mysterious Mr. Buttson. Handling the appearance of Rice Lady, a mystic woman of the orient and working with the Sheriff  whose obsession turns from the boys to the

seasonTWO // touch it and you're dead


Season Two is more dangerous, more violent and more sinister .

and as Snake’s death brings more of the underworld’s attention to the boys finds themselves in a quagmire they can't get out of.  


We also learn more about the gang and bring texture to the boy’s lives; about Trunk  and his father, about Tyler and his family and Robby and his GrandParent with hints that Nana may not be exactly who she says she is.   

seasonFOUR //  i'll make your death death


Season Four gets personal. Trunk's mother shows up on the arms of Buttson, Robby's mother at Nana's door. And with the new complexities of all the gang's lives, the seriousness of their actions is exasperatted to new and more dangerous consequenses... some that change the gang forever. Sheriff finally steps forward to become more of an accomplice to the boys, we learn more about Mr. Buttson's evil past, and witness the Rice Lady’s determination to thrwart Buttson's bloodlust quest for power.

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