season ONE

The LADDER sets everything in motion. When Robby Maloney wins "The Blind Bishop" a wildly successful VR Game, he unknowingly sets a series of events in motion that will change him, his friends and his town forever.


Robby is a normal 14-year old boy.  A huge fan of the VR Game, The Blind Bishop - who can see into the souls of all he encounters - Robby and his friends, Trunk and Tyler play it everyday. The game features two sides battling each other, one side being the Bishop’s Guards, the other  the King’s Army, both vying  for control of the kingdom. But when Robby inadvertently finds the Bishop’s glasses and the game mysteriously shuts down, Robby soon finds out, he’s done more than win the game, he’s been appointed the Bishop’s Apprentice and receives a pair of glass that allows him the powers of the Bishop.


Believing the “prizes” to be a practical joke, Robby sets the glasses aside, but when his curiosity gets the best of him and he finally tries the glasses on, to his surprise they work! Confused and scared, Robby struggles with the reality that the glass work and when he has an accidental encounter with a sadistic, low-level criminal, Snake, he realizes that the powers are beyond his capabilities.

But the genie is out of the bottle and when Snake finds out that Robby is aware of who he is and what he’s doing, a dangerous and escalating game of cat-and-mouse begins. Soon, Robby and the boys are forced into a “crime-fighting” role they aren’t prepared for but have no choice but embracing.


After several near misses of dealing with the teens, Snake eventually grabs Tyler and knowing the real danger he is in, Robby, Trunk and Tyler’s sister Liv, are forced to make a daring rescue brings them to the attention of the area’s crime lord, “The Teach” as well as a mysterious Sheriff investigating Snake and “The Teach”.


Season ends with “The Teacher” being revealed as Mr. Compton, the boy’s Junior High School prinicpal. His brutal killing of Snake and his vow to take care of the boys sets up the high stakes the boys will find themselves in through Season Two.


Robby -  Robby still isn’t sure he wants the responsibilities of the glasses.  It’s all well and good to be a superhero in a video game. To be one is real life, is quite another.  Reluctant at first, he’s quickly thrust into the spotlight with an accidental run in with a sadistic, low-level criminal who begins to hunt him.  Left with no choice, Robby dons the mantle -- as awkward as it might be.

Tyler -  Robby’s Cheerleader and best friend, he lives vicariously through Robby’s new powers. Always pushing forward, making plans and Tyler turns out to be the weak link in the chain -- which in turn forces Robby to step up and take on the responsibilities he’s trying to avoid.  

Trunk - The clown (though he doesn't mean or want to be), Trunk is a reluctant believer in Robby's unexpected new role. And when push comes to shove, Trunk comes through - strong and focused.

Liv - Tyler's twin sister, she hangs back in the "boy's world". But hers is the wisest voice in the group. As Robby's grows more and more uncertain, Liv continues to point in him the right direction. 

Nana - Robby's grandmother and backbone. She is his biggest supporter, though she takes a quiet approach to it..

Snake - Robby's nemisis. A sadistic, low-level criminal, he merciflessly hunts Robby, fearing Robby may spoil his plans to climb the criminal ladder. He'll do whatever it takes to succeed - even if it means Robby's death.  

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