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Love TheBISHOPPROJECT?  Want to be part of it? We can work something out.

We need help with:

  • Raising Angel Investments

  • Being a Conduit to StoryRunners, Producers, Actors, Directors that might be interested.

  • Technical Artists/Crew Members for developing:

    • Concepts Comic Book (1960's style)​

    • Concept VR Game characters and setting

  • Actors and Producers to create a series of podcast 

If you know of someone that could or if you want to get involved in anyway .


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invest in theDREAM


through GO FUND ME, we're looking for $30,000 to create and marketing a 3-minute pitch video and other marketing materials.


We would be most gracious to anyone who would like to invest in our dream.  Be an Executive Producer? A Silent Investor? A Hands-On Producer, Creator, Actor, Filmmaker...?  


Join the team and join the dream.

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