We came across this story in quite a mysterious fashion. It was a concept, an idea, from one of the Bishop boys to include a scene in the Nevada City Film Festival trailer of a young boy dragging a ladder around with him. well, instead of boring you to tears with ourStory, why don't you just watch the video instead.

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…that in the Irish Midlands of the 13th Century, a ruthless, young King ascended the power after the sudden and suspicious death of his father.  His greed and ambition knew no bounds as he eagerly waged war in a blood-lust effort to expand his kingdom. Ever longing to gain even more, he bled his treasury dry and soon levied a burdisome tax on his kingdom.


His actions of cruetly and oppression against those in his kingdom however was confronted by his cousin, the local Bishop.


As the Bishop spoke out about the King’s autracities, his followers began to grow and the envious and spiteful King decided to put an end to it.  Finding the Bishop alone in his beloved stained-glassed Cathedral one evening, the King ordered his knights to torch the church condeming the Bishop to a firey death.


The next morning, while the Cathederal still smoldered, the Bishop’s young Apprentince search for the Bishop's remains but the fire burned so hot, everything was reduced to ashes, all but a clump of hardened glass. It is deep and complex in color and inside there is a distinct spectral quality.


Soon, rumors surfaced that looking through the “eyes of the Bishop” empowered the viewer to see into the hearts and mind of those around them.


When news of these powers reached the King’s ear he immediately sent his Guards to find the "miracle glass" so he could use it to his own end.  


But the glass was never found and over time the stories of the “Eyes of the Bishop” passed into legend.


Centuries later, at the end of World War II, a wounded soldier stumbled into a small delapidated church in Austria. Shattered from years of conflict, the church was barely standing. And peeking out from under the rumble was a beautiful glass object, the Eyes of the Bishop.


The soldier, suffering from the nightmares of war, soon went mad and the Eyes of the Bishop fade from history once again - only to be resurected by a young boy in a small, California, gold mining town.

LEGEND has it...

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