THE BISHOP PROJECT is set in the year 2029, in a world that is exponentially advanced technologically and  yet ravaged by climate changes and social and economic upheaval. Among a mass population of displaced and struggling Americans is Bert Malone, a quiet and angry 24 year old loner  who lives well under the radar, hiding in the shadows and moving cautiously along the jagged edge of society. He’s a young man with special powers, on a mission to find answers about his past and exact revenge on a man who terrorized him, his family and his friends 10 years prior.


And as he searches for his truth, he’s constantly flashing back to his idyllic life as Robby, a 14-year old boy who “happens” to win a pair of ancient glasses once owned by the fabled Bishop, a 13th Century crimefighter.  The glasses enable those worthy of the power the ability to “see into the souls of evil men.”  Although unequipped emotionally and physically, Robby stumbles head first into the role of a “crimefighter” when he uses the glasses to expose a local criminal. As the season progresses It is revealed that the actions of this thug are only one part of a much larger criminal network operating under the cover of the quaint small town. Soon Robby finds himself and those close to him in increasingly dangerous and, in the season finale, life-threatening situations.

It’s this traumatized past that Bert is both haunted by and compelled to avenge.


Both stories present two complex and stylistically different adventures all leading towards the same goals – survival and revenge.

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